Patrick L Durkin

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The State of Hawaii and County of Kauai have contracted Mr. Durkin to conduct beach and ocean safety surveys and hazard assessments of island coastlines and accesses. His publication, the Kauai Beach Hazard Survey, was the first research project to study drowning, near-drowning, and aquatic trauma occurrences on Kauai back to 1970.

Kauai Beach Safety Brochure

Project Director
County of Kauai, Office of Economic Development
1999, 2004, 2005, 2007

Kauai Beach Hazard Survey
State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land & Natural Resources
Aquatic Safety Management 19070 – 2017

Kauai Beach Access Signage
County of Kauai, Department of Planning (CZM)
Aquatic Safety Management, 1993

Kauai Water Safety Signage
A Beach Warning Program
State of Hawaii, Dept. of Land & Natural Resources
Durkin & Associates, © 1988

Surveillance and Signage: A Preventative Program of Water Safety
County of Kauai, Safety Management Services, © 1981

The WAVE Project
Visitor industry aquatic hazard awareness project
Aquatic Safety Management