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Pat Durkin has been providing litigation support services since 1986. His consulting career has paralleled his work as a professional ocean lifeguard in Hawaii and California, safety trainer for the American Red Cross and American Heart Association, and involvement in the tour boat industry.
Mr. Durkin's extensive and diverse experience is based on more than just litigation work. To this day, he works with sightseeing tour boat companies as a trainer and risk management consultant. Recently, he finished developing a blended learning course for tour boat crews; the focus of the project is guest safety during the snorkeling activity. Drowning prevention strategies for beach and ocean users in Hawaii remains a high priority for Pat. He serves on the board of directors for the Kauai Lifeguard Association, a non-profit made up of volunteers and professional rescuers. The KLA supports the County of Kauai Ocean Safety Bureau, and the many challenges the island faces as the island with the highest drowning rate in the state. He has been a presenter and delegate to the annual Statewide Drowning Prevention Conference since their inception, and recent attended the World Conference on Drowning Prevention in Vancouver, Canada.

Litigation Avoidance 101 Better understood in the safety industry as risk management principles and practices, minimizing accidental injury and death, and the court actions that follow, involves more than getting a good lawyer after something happens. The assessment, evaluation, and control of risks is essential to providing a safe activity day in and day out. For risk management plans to be successful, ie., result in minimizing injury and loss, a long term commitment is necessary. Zero accidents is not possible, or should it be promised; but in the event something does happen, a well-developed risk management program serves as a valuable safety net if litigation results.

In the event of a personal injury litigation, it is valuable to understand what went wrong (that may not always be obvious), and what went right (yes, there's two sides to most lawsuits). It is essential to get an unbiased assessment of the "good, bad, and ugly". Mr. Durkin has the skills to make such an evaluation as it involves beach, ocean, boat, pool, PWC, livery, and instruction. Case assessments can be confidential, which allows for the most complete report without giving anything up to the discovery process that comes with a lawsuit.